The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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War is seen as nothing but bloodshed. However, for many this allows them to shine in a way that they could not back at home. In The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, it is placed in the post war era. Gatsby, one of the main protagonists, is a war hero that fought in World War I. World War I is important to The Great Gatsby due to how integrated it is to the past of Gatsby and F. Scott Fitzgerald.
In the beginning, Fitzgerald had many people in his life that played an influential part in his literary career. First, his maternal grandfather, Philip F. McQullian, born in Ireland came to America, and opened a successful small business during the Civil War (Bruccoli 11). The inspiration from his grandfather’s success led to the concept of
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Both Gatsby and Fitzgerald rejected their parents, and in their own minds believe that they had a more fascinating lineage than what they truly had. Gatsby is another part of Fitzgerald both were ashamed of their backgrounds and their meager lineage. When studying at Princeton, Fitzgerald met Ginerva King, she was the woman he could never have, in his eyes that made her even more desirable (Bruccoli 54). This further demonstrates the similarities the Gatsby and Fitzgerald have. For example, Gatsby says, “It excited him that many men had already loved Daisy – it increased her value in his eyes” (Fitzgerald 149). Both Gatsby and Fitzgerald believed that the more sought after a woman was the more desirable she was in their eyes. Also, like Daisy, Ginerva King stopped correspondence with Fitzgerald, and would marry a man with more money that would support their lifestyles. Soon after ending the relationship with Ginerva, Fitzgerald would sign up for the war (Bruccoli 71). Though, unlike his famous literary character, Gatsby, he did not see any action nor did he obtain any medals of valor such as Gatsby, and as Gatsby is a representation of Fitzgerald the fact that Gatsby is an honored war hero means that Fitzgerald had regrets about his inability to take action in the war effort.
Next, World War I was important to The Great Gatsby due to laying the background to the main character of the novel. The war, also called the Great War, was considered the first
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