The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Paige Dispalatro
Ms. McCauley
CP English III
3 April 2017
Dreams of the Corrupted When corruption is thought of one could often think of a fat, greedy old man taking the wealth of citizens. However, that is not the only form of corruption. Many forms of corrupt individuals are prevalent throughout the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Corruption is shown through the characters as they pursue their version of the American Dream. However, the pursuit of the American Dream does not entail happiness, for the needs of the corrupt can never be fulfilled. When one first meets Gatsby, one may think that he is a respectable and wealthy man. However, he does not have everything that he wants. Gatsby has what one would call the
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Because he cannot rewind the past to make Daisy love him again, he will never be truly happy because he does not have everything in his American Dream. While he has the money and the respect from certain people, he does not have the one woman that matters to him, which is a key element to his definition of success. His American Dream was so unattainable that “[his] ambitions . . . [led] him into a life of crime and unsavory ‘gonnegtions’. . .” (Del Gizzo 80-81). Although he did everything for Daisy, it would never be enough for her, for Daisy wanted a man with old money, which Gatsby could never provide considering his poor upbringing that results in Daisy being unwilling to run away with him. Overall, Gatsby’s dream corrupted him; he turned to crime to try to achieve his dream, not understanding the true extent of what he’s doing for the woman of his dreams. No matter how hard he tries, Gatsby could never attain his American Dream because besides Daisy, he wants too much. From wanting too much, his dream will never become reality because his beliefs have corrupted the dream he tried so hard to attain. Unlike Gatsby, Tom is immediately perceived as a selfish narcissist. Tom “believe[s] in an American Dream that offers [him] limitless freedom, wealth, and power” (Roberts 73). Tom wants anything that shows how important he is. He has money, respect, and a woman that exudes class and wealth. However, Tom wants more than
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