The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Is it possible to repeat the past? Can one really recreate something that happened years before? According to Jay Gatsby in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby it is possible; and it has been done for the book The Great Gatsby itself. The Great Gatsby has been adapted into film many times by various directors; however, there are two that are considered most popular. The first really popular The Great Gatsby was Jack Clayton’s version that was released in 1974, and more recently Baz Luhrmann’s version that was released in 2013. Since the two movies are based on the same book, they have some of the same characteristics, but both movies are distinct. The two different movie directors make the movies distinct by: differences in how the characters are portrayed, the parties that are thrown, and the overall mood of the films.
In Jack Clayton’s 1974 version of Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, most of the characters are more relaxed and laid back, unlike Baz Luhrmann’s, which is full of vibrant and passionate characters. For example, Clayton’s version of Tom Buchanan is more of a solemn and quiet man, where Buchanan does not represent the bulking, attention-demanding polo player that Fitzgerald wrote about. The same goes for Tom’s mistress Myrtle, she is more reserved and comes off to the viewer as a pathetic housewife. Additionally, in Clayton’s movie adaptation, the main character himself is represented much differently. Robert Redford, who played Gatsby, took a much flatter and
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