The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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When looking at a person for the first time clothing is often a large part of a first impression, giving information about that person that may or may not be true. Clothing also plays a large role in first impressions of characters in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, who uses clothing to give information about each character and who they are or wish they were. Fitzgerald carefully describes the clothing of each character, using color, material, and quality to expose each character 's insecurities.The clothing that he has the character’s wear gives information about their status, emotions, and personality. He chose clothing because it is an extension of a person and is self-expression, unlike race or eye color, it is not permanent…show more content…
Fitzgerald chooses to have Daisy in another color to show the unattainability of the “American Dream”. The color lavender taints the immaculate image that it the dream had before, and the white that Daisy had worn. Gatsby spends his entire life chasing Daisy or the “American Dream”, but is only able to change his socioeconomic status, which the “American Dream”promises, through criminal activity. Like the “American Dream” Daisy is also unattainable to Gatsby because she is married. Gatsby is only able to have Daisy by her having an affair, which many people would view as a sin or illegal. Daisy wears lavender instead of white shows that the “American Dream” is unachievable, unless some illegal actions are involved. Fitzgerald also chooses to make Daisy’s hat lavender to symbolize femininity, grace and elegance, words that are often used to describe Daisy. The last time that Fitzgerald mentions the color of Daisy’s clothing is the day of “The Accident”, and he chooses to dress Daisy one final time in white. His reasoning for dressing her in white is because in Gatsby’s eyes the purity of the “American Dream” was restored. The day of the “The Accident”, Gatsby and Daisy intend to tell Tom that they are in love. Daisy telling Tom
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