The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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“Liars, Cheaters, and Rich People, Oh My!” The Great Gatsby is known for very many things. Many people loved the novel and the movie. It’s known for several things such as; rich people, the prohibition, fabulous parties thrown by Gatsby himself, and last but not least…. Marital issues and affairs!!! Some keep their personal business hush hush and others just don’t care if their spouses know about their mistresses. Cheaters, liars, and affairs are happening everywhere. Tom and Myrtle had something going from the very beginning and he didn’t mind people knowing it either, including his own wife and her own husband. He wanted to keep his marriage together but wasn’t willing to let go of the one thing apparently Daisy wasn’t giving or she…show more content…
Myrtle had fun with her fling. They would all sit around and talk about how much they hated the person they were married too and Myrtle confirmed it seriously and violently. She hated her husband and ran him down like he was trash to her. They speculated about divorcing and moving away to the west and starting a new life together. But Tom did have some feelings for Daisy still. Every time Myrtle would mention her name, Tom would slap her so hard that her nose would break. When Wilson discovered that his wife and Tom had a relationship going on, he wanted to lock Myrtle up and move away as soon as possible. But Myrtle refused, she wanted to get away with Tom in the car she expected him to be in which caused her horrible death. It wasn’t Tom in that car that’s for sure. Going back to their first meeting, she kept thinking “you can’t live forever, you can’t live forever!”(Gatsby, pg. 38 l. 17-18). Some even thought that Myrtle began going crazy for Tom when she discovered he was extremely wealthy and she saw an opening where she could leave her boring and unpleasant life with her husband Wilson, so she tried her hardest to go for it. Tom was very sexually attracted to Myrtle because of naturalness and her constantly going after Tom and wanting him. He obviously didn’t get that affection or attention that much at his home with Daisy. Soon after Daisy and Tom married, Daisy stopped the admiration she had for Tom. The affection and spark between the two went away. Tom
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