The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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As we know, The Great Gatsby written by F.Scott Fitzgerald has prevailed more than half century. From this novel, we can see various characters’ performance in 1920s in United States. Obviously, what the writer expressed has a sustainable influence for successors. In my thesis, I will show my opinion about Different female values in the Great Gatsby.
In The Great Gatsby Fitzgerald exquisitely and accurately depicts the “jazz age”. The three important female images are particularly impressive: Gatsby 's dream lover, Daisy Buchanan from a noble family, Daisy 's girlfriend, also a golf player Jordan Baker, and Tom Buchanan 's mistress Myrtle Wilson. As for Jordan Baker who always keeps skeptical for the world, “there are only …show more content…

When the gunfire broke out in the US, everyone lost proper belief. Youth lost the direction at that time when the United States traditional value broke up.
Daisy born in that time. Daisy’s love value is a kind of secularization of love value without the holy worth,which is ruled by social norm,social trap,family conflict and desire.Consequently, it is easy to cause innermost crisis and spiritual emptiness,consciously and unconsciously sinking into solitude.The one who holds the love value of secularization is apprehensive, perfect her love like religion follower.These characteristics are ascertained in Daisy’s love:she often feels lonely, and although she knows well about the extramarital affair of her husband,for fortune and social status,she isn’t willing to abandon her family;she yearns for true love,but has no courage to go after it;she is indifferent to life,who call even let her lover take blame of killing person for her.
As a modern female in Fitzgerald 's work, Daisy had a strong female consciousness. She is a rich and vivid person, and also a victim of the emotional infidelity. Under her hypocrisy, she owns love, mature, honest and is full of romantic fantasy. No doubt that she was the representative of new women. She didn 't want to become a pregnant tool, and the life around the kitchen all day was not what she wanted. What she wanted was different from the traditional women 's marriage, motherhood and

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