The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald And Othello

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By definition the term corruption is the “dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery” according to the oxford dictionary. There are many forms of corruption and many ways of corrupting an individual, more often than not the actions at hand may be considered illegal however there are still a multitude of legally corrupted things in this world. In each of the works in question corruption plays a major role in the advancement and continuation of the plot as well as the evolution and detailing of the characters. Both The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and Othello by William Shakespeare part the common theme of corruption. As a means to justify such a claim, the theme of reputation, the significance of…show more content…
Gatsby is what you want him to be and has done whatever your imagination would like you to believe he has done. On the other hand, In Shakespeare’s Othello, Othello is the plays protagonist and general of Venetian army. Reputation pushes him to value how the other characters see him; his concern for his public portrayal leaves him very vulnerable to manipulation. Here is where Iago comes into effect; he is a very intelligent, manipulative and psychopathic male character seeking revenge on Othello for having snubbed him for lieutenancy. Iago. Ha! I like not that. Othello. What dost thou say? Iago. Nothing, my lord; or if—I know not what. Othello. Was not that Cassio parted from my wife? Iago. Cassio, my lord! No, sure, I cannot think it That he would steal away so guilty like, Seeing you coming. Othello. I do believe 'twas he. (3.3.37-44) Iago drops subtle hints that he knows of an affair between Desdemona, Othello’s wife, and Cassio, his lieutenant, but after being asked about the topic he follows on denying it and codling Othello so as to stay on his good side. Thus he corrupts Othello’s mind with simple play. An equally significant aspect of corruption in The Great Gatsby and Othello is the role and contributing factor that money brings forth. In Fitzgerald’s novel, the story’s one of the central themes is wealth and the power that it brings to the wealthy. Most characters in The
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