The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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During the time period The Great Gatsby takes place, the roaring 20’s is taking place. This was a time of celebration, because America just won the war. This was the first war broadcasted on live television, so people got a real grasp on what the war was really like. Killing, kidnapping, and destroying one another. It was a wake up call. People no longer wanted to spend every day like they were guaranteed the following day. They had a new outlook on the world. The people became carefree, rebellious, and free-spirited. The people came to the realization that tomorrow is not promised, so they look to live each day to the fullest. Alcohol, sex, and parties give this generation complete fulfillment. The figure of God seems to have escaped the minds of this generation; however, God is a lot closer than they think. In Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby most readers are lead to believe that Owl eyes is a representation of only a God figure; however, Owl eyes is much a much more complex figure. Critics believe that Owl eyes could represent Fitzgerald’s friend Lardner. In The Great Gatsby, Owl Eyes comes into view in disastrous situations. For example, first, readers examine Owl Eyes in the library. He helps Gatsby understand what goes on in the world around him. Owl Eyes a drunken man, yet he still is very sensible. Next, Owl Eyes rides as a passenger in a car accident. At this point, Owl Eyes covers for the driver of the accident. Owl Eyes never overemphasizes; he maintains
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