The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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AP English: Major Works Data Sheet Title: The Great Gatsby Creator: F. Scott Fitzgerald Date of Publication: 1925 Classification: Novel Anecdotal data about the creator He moved from urban areas to act as a representative. He went to Princeton, never graduated. He enrolled amid WWI yet never saw battle activity. He was positioned at Fort Sheridan close Montgomery, Alabama. He met his future wife Zelda Sayre in Alabama. They would get to be conspicuous figures amid the Jazz Age, living in New York, Rome, Paris, and so on. Their marriage was tumultuous because of drinking, disloyalty, and Zelda 's schizophrenia (which handled her in a few mental organizations). The greater part of his cash as an author originated from his short stories, which were distributed in The Saturday Evening Post, yet he additionally distributed a few books. Recorded data about time of distribution - Three developments after WWI were Ford 's auto sequential construction system, radio and film industry increments because of innovative advancements, and modest, accessible vitality sources, for example, coal and oil, which made extension reasonable. -The 19th Amendment gave ladies the privilege to vote. -Warren G. Harding, presented the first radio in the White House -A test to the 19th Amendment, which permitted ladies the privilege to vote, is rebuked by the Supreme Court of the United States -Five-Power Naval Disarmament Treaty was marked by United States, United
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