The Great Gatsby By ' Kill A Mockingbird ' By Harper Lee

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By analyzing Aunt Alexandra from Calpurnia 's view in Harper Lee 's novel To Kill A Mockingbird, the main theme of inequality is brought out by their negative relationship. The way Alexandra treats and immediately dislikes Calpurnia from the instant that she arrived at the Finch household shows the racism and bias of Alexandra. From the beginning, Alexandra treated Calpurnia with no respect and excluded her from the Finch family. Calpurnia is a low-class black woman and most of the Finch family, excluding Atticus, are racist and elitist. Calpurnia is the opposite of this. As a low-class black woman, it is obvious that she would dislike Alexandra as Alexandra believes she is better than Calpurnia and treats her as such. Alexandra 's character embodies the small Southern town culture that Maycomb had and the inequality that came with it. It was obvious immediately of Alexandra 's prejudice by the first thing she spoke, "Put my bag in the front bedroom, Calpurnia," (Lee 167) Instead of asking kindly like the rest of the family did, she demanded. Alexandra treats Calpurnia as a slave rather than a person that the family has grown to love. Since the novel took place in the 1930 's and many people in the South had racist views, Alexandra was not different from others in Maycomb. Not only was Alexandra racist but she was, also, superficial and as a result, cared a lot about the opinions of others. When she found out that Jem and Scout went to the black church with Calpurnia,
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