The Great Gatsby Chapter 6 Analysis

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In this blog post I will be exploring chapters 4-6 and more specifically Daisy and Gatsby's characters, along with their relationship. Also, how they were displayed an increased amount throughout chapters 4-6. Despite Gatsby's character emerging in chapter 4, Nick feels that Gatsby is deceiving him and fabricating events of his life while Nick was conversing with him. Jordan tells Nick about Daisy's past and her relationship with Gatsby, During this explains that when Gatsby and Daisy first met she was dressed in white. Again this is incredibly symbolic of her ironic innocence and wealth. Jordan finishes by sharing an anecdote of when Daisy got drunk before her wedding and claimed that she loved Gatsby and did not want to marry Tom. Chapter…show more content…
This whole scene is packed full of deeper meanings and symbolism. The clock itself represents time and Gatsby and Daisy relationship; Once Gatsby knocks the clock over he catches it and puts it back in its rightful place. Just as Gatsby once left Daisy because he had to go to war, but now is catching the relationship by meeting with her again and restoring it to where it should be. Another interpretation could be Gatsby putting the clock back on the mantelpiece just as Gatsby put his and Daisy's relationship back to where it was, essentially turning back time. I found this entire scene extremely insightful with each line being carefully and intentionally put together in a methodical manner, to create numerous and various symbols intertwining with one another synthesizing a terrific situation within the novel. Based on the symbols and their representation I believe that Gatsby and Daisy will get back together, I thought of the rain because it displayed that Gatsby transformed from not having Daisy to having her again. Additionally, the situation with the mantelpiece clock falling and Gatsby putting it back displays that he is renewing their…show more content…
During the party Tom finds out the truth behind Gatsby's wealth and dislikes Gatsby for it. While reading these past chapters I have wondered whether or not Gatsby and Daisy's relationship will ignite a huge conflict later on in the story? I believe it will because for one with Gatsby and Daisy spending so much time together, such as sneaking off during the party, they are bound to get caught. Secondly, Tom already dislikes Gatsby because of how he obtained his wealth, so it will be like twisting the blade when Tom finds out about the relationship. With this I am guessing that when this conflict arises it will become the climax of the entire
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