The Great Gatsby Character Analysis

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Is what Gatsby feels for Daisy love? The novel “The Great Gatsby” is about The narrator NIck Carraway who moves to New york and rents a house in West egg. Nick’s neighbor is a mysterious man that lives in a mansion named Jay Gatsby and holds parties every saturday night. Nick visits his cousin Daisy in East egg, later in the novel he finds out Daisy was and is still Gatsby's love interest. After an incident with Tom, Daisy’s husband, Daisy and Gatsy start back on the way Gatsby lets Daisy drive his car and she ends up hitting Mr. Wilson's wife no one but Gatsby herself and Nick knew she was driving so they keep it a secret while the police are looking for the car that hit her along with Mr.Wilson. He finds out first and takes matters into his own hands by shooting Gatsby and himself, they find out who did it and have a funeral for gatsby, showing that Gatsby did not get to be with daisy after all the time he spent seeking her out and doing everything in his power to try to show he loved her and to get her to feel the same he tries to impress her and show her how much he’s changed to be with her and how much more he has now so he could give her so much. He wants to be around her taking every opportunity he can to be with her and the more time he spends with her the more he wants to be around her. He metaphorically and literally took bullets for her. He did all those things and a few more fro what other reason than he loved her. The first time Gatsby interacts with Daisy
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