The Great Gatsby-Compare/Contrast Gatsby and Tom and Explain Why Daisy Stayed with Tom

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Name: Sherin Khawaja Class and Section: 11SD Q: Compare and contrast Jay Gatsby and Tom Buchanan. How are they similar and how do they differ? Given that Tom is portrayed negatively, why does Daisy choose to remain with him instead of leaving him for Gatsby? In the novel ‘The Great Gatsby’ written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, two men, Jay Gatsby and Tom Buchanan, fight over Daisy, an upper-class woman from an old, wealthy family in the time after the first world war during the age known as the ‘booming’ or ‘roaring’ twenties. In this time period the war has just finished and the people are living in a time of prosperity and celebration. The novel takes place in New York City where the ‘old rich’ and ‘new rich’ live in two separate…show more content…
Though these two characters come from different backgrounds and are of different classes, it can be noticed that they are similar in various ways. One distinctive characteristic that they both seem to share is an unwillingness to accept defeat. Gatsby, who through out the story is trying to win Daisy over, cannot stand the fact that Daisy has moved on and refuses to accept that there is no way to change the situation. Tom also refuses to let go of Daisy when he finds out that she is having an affair with Gatsby, and instead decides to confront Gatsby and Daisy about this. Another way in which they are similar is that they both feel the need to be in control. Gatsby wishes to recreate the past or turn back time; he wishes he could control time itself. This is evident when Nick confronts him about the situation and tries to reason with him by saying, “You can’t repeat the past” (page 106). “‘Can’t repeat the past?’ he cried incredulously. ‘Why of course you can!’” (Page 106) is how Gatsby chooses to reply to Nick. This is one of the things that destroys him in the end when he realizes that his dream is slipping away, and that it is not possible to bring back the past. Daisy, after finding out the truth behind Gatsby’s wealth, begins to lose her resolve about leaving Tom for him. His loss of control over the situation is what makes him lose himself and lash out at Tom by

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