The Great Gatsby Comparison

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My older brother, Dakota, and my boyfriend, Alex, have a rather large amount of similarities and differences. They are both extremely tall and slender in their outer appearance, equipped with a very witty sense of humor, and a deep and strong love for me and the ones they care most about. They are also very dedicated to helping others and working towards the greater good. Although they have all of these similar characteristics, their are major differences outweigh their similarities. Their major differences are their hobbies or interests, personalities, and outer appearance.
The men are completely polar opposite when it comes to their interests and hobbies. Dakota is very interested in fantasy card and video games such as the games; “Magic”, “Pokémon Go”, “Destiny”. He finds a big interest in collecting action figures called “POP! Figures”, and he enjoys finding more figures to add to his huge collection during his free time. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Alex loves watching and participating in sporting events. He also enjoys video games, but he is more interested in playing video games that only deal with sports instead of fantasy based. Alex’s love for football and basketball influences him to always be caught up in something sports related whether it is a video
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Dakota has short blonde hair that is somewhat thin and straight with a rounded structured face. He wears glasses, and he has a fair amount of facial hair. Dakota has a very pale skin tone because he chooses to spend most of his time indoors playing his game of choice or watching his favorite television show. In contrast, Alex has long and curly dark brown hair with a very defined structured face. He is clean shaven and has excellent vision so he has no need for optical glasses. He has a dark complexion from the amount of time he sends outside playing sport activities with his
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