The Great Gatsby

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In Jack Clayton's film adaptation of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the director uses several visual techniques to emphasize and heighten the illusion of the American dream. These visual techniques include: Framing, color, lighting & space. The most interesting type of framing repeated al throughout the film is the use of mirrors in trapping the characters in their surreal reflection. The director used this technique in more than one scenes, nevertheless this framing was used when Gatsby is about to meet a character from the novel or film. This technique started when during the party, Gatsby's bodyguard calls Nick to go with him to meet with Gatsby, Nick looked at the mirror when he entered the room. He looked at the mirror,…show more content…
Clayton translates them through in the cinematic image through light. We see the illusion of glamour and richness in both scenes when they bring the Tea buffet in Nick's house and Jay's house afterwards. The brightness and reflection of these silver buffet, served to emphasize more on the richness of Gatsby. It gave the illusion of glamour and etiquette in the same time. The brightness was also described in the novel too. The most frequent spatial configuration evident in the film is the inferior area in which characters occupy a very wide and grandiose space; this also serves the thematic function of how material space is eating up small individuals. (Empty space, grandeur) individuals visually appear inferior to he space they occupy; this emphasizes the character's subjection to their material wealth. The use of space served a lot to deliver the physical space of the story. First of all, it starts with Gatsby's house. It very huge, beautiful and almost perfect. But yet, this grandeur led to emptiness. All of his rooms were perfect astatically but they aren't cozy or friendly. Here the use of space was to emphasize on his loneliness and the space between Jay and himself from one hand, and between Jay and the society on the other hand. Then, the distance between "West Egg" & "East Egg". The distance between Gatsby and Daisy was linked only by the green light and the sea. This emphasizes on the physical

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