The Great Gatsby

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Many people yearn to join a class that has existed for many generations with set criteria. This criteria is intertwined with money, power and a persons upbringing in Society. While few in society join these exclusive clubs, others try to mimic the styles in order to have the acceptance of a very prestigious section of society. Although few succeed in joining, many are crushed, broken, and embarrassed for failing to enter what very few have. The people who mimic, ultimately show why they didn’t join because they didn’t fit in by floundering their insecurities or lack of experience. The Biggest reason why people fail in joining a class in which few are in, because one must be born into it. Therefore in The Great Gatsby, by F-Scott…show more content…
Gatsby has these lavish parties to ultimately get Daisy to enter one for he can re-introduce himself to her as an rich young person. Although having money, Gatsby fails to impress Daisy because she feels that she is better than most at the party because she knows no one at the party. Daisy only likes the party for a brief moment when she and Gatsby were left alone, other than that it “offended” her. Daisy was offended by the rude behavior of people at the party because woman were using horrible comments. The people gathered at Gatsby's house are not particularly well known (except for a few), and they behave openly in a manner that’s not traditionally accepted by the old money society.
Therefore Gatsby realizes his mistakes and disappointment of not able to impress the women that will help enter the old money society. After the failed party, Gatsby stops having the luxurious parties because the women he wants the in life did like his way of living. The main character of the novel, Jay Gatsby, provides little information of where he grew up what he work as, and how he achieve the enormous wealth that no one seems to figure out. Gatsby mysterious pass provides rumors to people who attend his party and Tom’s interest in finding out how he earned his money. The eponymous character separates himself from his guest to demonstrate how he is

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