The Great Gatsby

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The reason he was so focused on making it sure it happened, could be for various reasons. When Daisy left Gatsby to marry Tom, Gatsby was heartbroken. The reason was not because she didn't love Gatsby, it was simply due to the fact that Gatsby didn’t have enough wealth back then compared to Tom. Daisy came from a not so wealthy family and having wealth played an important part in her life. So when she had an option to choose Gatsby, someone she loved or Tom, a person who had a lot of wealth, she chose money over love. Now that Gatsby has earned more money than Tom, he is trying to gain Daisy, wanting her to realize, that he has everything she wanted and can provide and support anything she wants.
Nick could have listed the names to show the various types of guests that arrived to Gatsby's parties, from both the East and the West Egg and how superficial they all could be. Also, he listed the names of the people to represent where they fit in the society, in terms of the people’s class and rank. Not only that, but he also mentions one bad thing that either happened to the guests or complain about some negative things regarding their looks. The fact that most of the people happily accepted the generosity and hospitality that Gatsby offered, no one really bothered to take the time to know Mr. Gatsby on a personal level. Also referring back to the quote stated in Chapter…

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