The Great Gatsby Is Structured Into Three Distinct Sections.

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The Great Gatsby is structured into three distinct sections. The first section is chapters one to four which revolve around Nick’s view of past events involving Jay Gatsby, Daisy and Tom Buchanan and their friends. Chapter five is the the pivotal point in the novel as it is when Daisy and Gatsby meet again after many years and it deals with their awkward encounter which reveals what has happened to them since they last met. The final section from chapters six to nine is concerned with Gatsby’s fall from grace and his eventual death at the end of the novel. The three sections are roughly arranged in chronological order, occurring in the four month period from the summer of 1923. This essay will discuss how F. Scott Fitzgerald chose to…show more content…
Although the book title is ‘The Great Gatsby’ until then the reader does not know who or what Gatsby is. Although Daisy asks ‘what Gatsby’ the scene moves on and nothing more is said about Gatsby. This makes Gatsby seem mysterious and is even more mysterious when Nick sees him near his house looking out towards the green light in the bay. Gatsby is there one minute and gone the next and this makes the reader want to know more about him.

Another scene is set in the valley of ashes where Tom goes to meet his lover Myrtle. Nick has already been told by Jordan Baker that ‘Tom’s got some woman in New York’. The valley of ashes is introduced with the literal explanation of ‘ this is a valley of ashes’ and is the desolate part of New York where the poor people live and the rich pass just pass through on the road or on the train line. The ‘some woman’ is introduced as Myrtle Wilson, the wife of the owner of the garage where Tom and Nick stop for gas. Myrtle is a link between the valley of ashes and the town of New York. She is not part of the rich set who are living the American Dream but she represents the class that aspire to move up the social strata. Myrtle likes Tom because he is rich and he can buy her the material things that she craves for and she despises her husband because he borrowed a suit when they got married and she says ‘I knew right away I made a mistake’. This makes it seem that she
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