The Great Gatsby Essay

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The Great Gatsby

The "Twenties" was an exciting time in American history, when being a "flapper" and rebelling against the common say of society was all the rage. As in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jay Gatsby is a popular yet mysterious "flapper," whose image is created through the life of Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald portrayed his life, problems, and triumphs, through his image of Jay Gatsby. The correlations between the life of F. Scott Fitzgerald and the life of his character Jay Gatsby, is that Gatsby and Fitzgerald were both brought up the same way, both used their popularity the same way, as well as signifying the life he wanted through Gatsby. First of all, both Fitzgerald and Gatsby were both brought up the
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Who it is later found out that had affairs outside of her marriage to Fitzgerald. Secondly, both used their popularity for personal benefit. For example, both men had extravagant parties that were often used to signify their wealth and popularity. In other cases, Gatsby uses his parties to strike a sense of jealousy within his love Daisy, by showing her how popular and how frivolously rich he is. Coincidentally, Fitzgerald also uses his popularity to host large parties to also hint on a what person (Fitzgerald) Zelda actually has in her life. Also, as in Gatsby, Fitzgerald wanted to be the life of everyone's party. With the impression of his wealth, Gatsby steadily won back the love of Daisy. He therefore had an affair with, to rebuild their relationship. As with Fitzgerald, he and Zelda both had affairs on each other, and because of their power, they, like Gatsby, could party till the sun came up the next morning. Finally, the life of Gatsby is often considered the life which Fitzgerald lives. For example, the love that Gatsby has for Daisy is what Fitzgerald wishes for in his wife Zelda. However, The Great Gatsby is not all on the wishes and desires of Fitzgerald. For instance, Gatsby's "friend's" were involved with numerous affairs as both Fitzgerald and Zelda were in their lifetime. As when Zelda had an affair with a French naval aviator, that sent Fitzgerald into a state of

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