The Great Gatsby Research: Gatsby Is Considered a Christ Figure

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A Christ figure is depicted as a visionary character who is symbolic to Jesus Christ and suggests towards the beginning of the novel, the reader learns more about Gatsby’s early life and can see how he to Biblical stories. In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, the intriguing and mysterious character Jay Gatsby is undoubtedly represented as a Christ figure. Fitzgerald uses strikingly similar characteristics between Gatsby and Jesus, resulting images to the Bible and Gatsby’s ultimate death echoing that of Jesus’ crucifixion to relate Gatsby to Christ.

Jay Gatsby, displays various qualities and characteristics of Jesus Christ that relates to Jesus (Dilworth). He rows out to Dan Cody only to let him know that he has anchored “over the
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There are many cases however, that overpower his opinion. The first being the prominent resemblance between Gatsby’s death to Jesus’. Fitzgerald evidently portrays the well known passage of Jesus carrying and struggling with his cross on his own on the way to Golgotha, where he later dies. After Gatsby announces, like Jesus, the account of his death is “God’s Truth”, he depicts Jesus’ crucifixion by showing and describing how Gatsby too struggled when he carried his air mattress to his pool on his own (Christensen 154). Gatsby relates to Christ in another sense when he takes fault for Myrtle’s death and as a result dies for Daisy (Dilworth). Daisy is ultimately responsible for Myrtle’s death even if it was unintentionally.Because it was an accident her action isn’t considered a sin, but her not confessing to it is not only a sin, but also a crime (Dilworth). Carraway asks Gatsby if Daisy was indeed driving, and he replies, “Yes,...but of course I’ll say I was”(Dilworth). Gatsby dies for Daisy’s sins just like Jesus dies for sins that are not his own. Gatsby is most definitely portrayed as a Christ figure.

Whether it was intentional or not, the made up name Jay Gatz chooses for his new self, literally translates to “God’s Boy”(Wood). There is no question that the character Jay Gatsby is tied to Jesus Christ in a plethora of ways. F. Scott Fitzgerald evidently patterns

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