The Great Gatsby : Similarities And Comparisons

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Hani Abidi Honors American Lit. 12/8/2014 The Great Gatsby Similarities and Comparisons The Great Gatsby is an American Novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, published in 1925 and set in the summer of 1922 in the fictional towns of East and West Egg in Long Island, New York. The story is about the young and perplexing millionaire Jay Gatsby, and his obsession to win back the only girl he’d ever loved, a Southern debutante the name of Daisy Buchanan. Some themes in the novel include dedication, destructiveness, wealth, social class, and the defiance to change. The main influence of the novel was the author himself, and many of the key events in the Great Gatsby were inspired by similar circumstances and situations in Fitzgerald’s life. F. Scott Fitzgerald was extremely similar to Gatsby (whose real name was James Gatz). Both were born in the Northern part of the American Midwest in small, rural towns. Both were raised in middle-class families. Fitzgerald attended Princeton University, but his slipping grades and constant partying forced him to drop out, and he ended up serving in WWI. Gatsby attended Oxford, but left before he could graduate to work on his yacht business with his mentor, Dan Cody. Neither ever graduated. Another important similarity between Gatsby and Fitzgerald were the rumors surrounding them. Both grew up extremely humbly, determined to become more than any man in their family, and the deal was sealed when they met the loves of their lives. When the fame
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