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Summer Project 2012- “The Great Gatsby”: FULL SUMMARY OF “THE GREAT GATSBY”: During the 1920’s era, within the various movements of prohibition, women’s rights, and the Jazz Age, F Scott Fitzgerald bore a timeless novel by the name of “The Great Gatsby.” The predominant character, Nick, who duals as narrator, is indecisive but thoughtful. He lives in West Egg on Long Island Sound, amidst the aristocratic air and luxurious titles. Gatsby, Nick’s neighbor, whose affairs apart from his parts remain unknown, is an extravagantly wealthy man. Leaving Daisy with her baby, Nick heads to Tom’s home in NY for a luncheon. Tom’s mistress, Myrtle Wilson, is acquainted with Nick; causing Nick to feel uncomfortable about attending the luncheon.…show more content…
5. In the beginning, Daisy and Gatsby are stark with embarrassment. Nick offers them more intimate atmosphere by going outside, and returns to visit Gatsby’s mansion with Daisy. 6. Gatsby’s true past concerning his wealth and education is revealed. Nick, Tom, and Daisy attend Gatsby’s party, and Nick is told the story of Gatsby and Daisy’s first kiss. 7. While in town with Jordan, Daisy, and Nick, Tom openly confronts Gatsby about his illegally acquired wealth and intimate exclusivity with Daisy. Gatsby defends their relationship claiming Daisy has never loved Tom. Daisy truly had feelings for both. After the turmoil, Nick realizes it’s his 30th birthday. While Daisy drives home with Gatsby, she hits Myrtle Wilson and kills her. 8. Nick is informed that while Gatsby was relaxing in his pool, George Wilson shot and killed him, then commit suicide. George Wilson assumed Myrtle’s killer was also her lover. 9. Nick arranges Gatsby’s funeral; only Gatsby’s Father and another man attend. Nick answers Gatsby’s phone, discovering the truth behind his wealth. Jordan marries another man and Nick moves to Minnesota. BIBLIOGRAPHY: Life of F. Scott Fitzgerald "A Brief Life of Fitzgerald." Biography of F. Scott Fitzgerald. N.p., 2009. Web. 11 Aug. 2012. <>. "F. Scott Fitzgerald Biography." F. Scott Fitzgerald Biography. N.p., n.d.

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