The Great Gatsby : The Beauty Of Women

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Today, girls have dozens of new ways to be appealing to modern society. From taking a little trip to the doctor’s office for a new face and body, to displaying a fake persona on social media for thousands of strangers to adore. Take it back to almost 100 years ago, in the roaring twenties, and social standards have not really changed. Women still struggle to become how society deems as “perfect”. Sadly, Daisy Buchanan, a woman living in the twenties, stresses through the same exact society standards that modern girls struggle with. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s infamous novel, The Great Gatsby, describes character Daisy Buchanan through use of imagery as a woman who is overwhelmed and stressed due to the impossible expectations and standards of…show more content…
This is very stressful for Daisy since only her beauty and wealth can bring attention of men. She cannot truly be herself because everyone loves admiring Daisy’s appearance and voice rather than who she is internally. For Daisy, she is expected to always be happy, and act like nothing negative is happening. As Nick first sees his distant cousin, Daisy, with Jordan who “were both in white and their dresses were rippling and fluttering as if they had just been blown back in after a short flight around the house” (12). The girls were “rippling” and fluttering”, as if they were airy and light. This connects to how they were up in the air, being light-headed not caring about a thing or focusing on their problems. They were careless and were only caring about living their lives. However, Daisy is extremely unhappy with her current life, being married to someone she does not love and never finding true love. They are simply just forgetting or hiding their problematic lives from others. Also, Nick describes Daisy’s face and appearance as “sad and lovely with bright things in it, bright eyes and a bright passionate mouth“ (13-14). Everything about Daisy’s appearance for the most part is “bright”, meaning that she appears to be extremely happy and cheerful. However, Nick describes her as “sad” also, showing that Nick senses some unhappiness in her facial gestures. Inside, Daisy is depressed and unhappy because of her terrible
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