The Great Gatsby, Their Eyes Were Watching God, and Grapes of Wrath

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Society expects people to fall in love. That is, society expects people to find a life partner, get married, and have children. Those who do not follow the pattern are generally seen as hermits who sit in their houses with multiple forms of pets to keep them company. This burden life throws at human beings growing up, turns into a moral value. People want to find someone that makes them so happy that their heart hurts when they’re not with them. This would be the case if one does actually fall in love. Love can be a wonderful thing. However, sometimes it can be a devastatingly evil form of torture. Even though it is expected to make one feel content and comforted, love can make anyone feel more alone than ever before. Love is presumed to…show more content…
Steinbeck also touches base on how gender affects love and moral values through Rose of Sharon in The Grapes of Wrath. Rose of Sharon is Tom's younger sister. She is married to Connie Rivers, and has been staying with his family. She is pregnant with their first child, and "she [is] all secrets now she [is] pregnant, secrets and little silences that seemed to have meanings. She [is] pleased with herself, and she complain[s] about things that [don't] really matter" (Steinbeck 13.52). She dreams of living comfortably in California with her husband, going to see movies on the weekends, and buying pretty clothes for her baby. She worries constantly about her baby's health, and relies on her mother for information. While the family encounters obstacle after obstacle, Rose of Sharon can't seem to shake her self-centered perspective of the world. As their journey progresses, Rose seems to be willing to help more often than not. It is almost as if she has accepted her womanly duties and hopes that in return she will be loved and cared for by Connie. Her plan does not fold out. As the family gets settled into their first camp site, Connie disappears. Rose’s husband leaves her, while she is pregnant, on a massive trip to California, where she had hoped to start a better life with him and the baby. Love is torturing her. Now that she’s alone, she knows she has to take full responsibility for the life she is carrying. She works herself to

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