The Great Gatsby Wealth

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The poor man always tempted by money, never to actually reach wealth, until Gatsby. Born in the poorest of the poor families, he grew up with nothing, but made himself rich. With only a mentor and his own drive he managed to land a mansion on the West Egg. Gatsby’s past was a hard time, except right before he was shipped out to war. It was then he met Daisy, he loved her, and intended to marry her on his return. But when he got back, she had gotten married, but Gatsby still felt she loved him. These events before Gatsby’s rise to wealth, led him in his higher class life and to his end.
When Gatsby realized Daisy, his love, was somewhere else, he needed to be close to her. This is why Gatsby bought a house on the West Egg, directly
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But Daisy was still married with Tom and this led to complications. Gatsby gave up everything to be with Daisy, like it was in the past this led to him pushing Daisy, Tom, and Wilson, the mechanic, to their limits. This is shown in the book when, “She had told him she loved him, and Tom Buchanan had saw. He was astounded,” (Fitzgerald 119). This quote shows how Gatsby pushed Daisy to say she loves him in front of Tom, which caused Tom to become angered. After this event they go to town where anger swells and when they are driving back, very fast they hit Wilson’s wife, Myrtle. In his sad, angry state, Wilson realizes Myrtle has had an affair, and believes it was Gatsby, because it was his car. You can see it in the text when it says, “‘He murdered her,” (Fitzgerald 158). “Wilson was half past two he was in West Egg, where he asked someone the way to Gatsby’s house. So by that time he knew Gatsby’s name,” (Fitzgerald 160). This quote shows how the grieving Wilson is seeking out Gatsby to kill him for “murdering,” his wife. So the past that led Gatsby to need Daisy, led to them angering Tom and making them leave New York quickly, leading to running over Myrtle and making Wilson, seek out Gatsby for vengeance, which lead to both of their deaths.
Events in the past that led to Gatsby to Daisy and led Gatsby to wealth also negatively impacted
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