The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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He is back with Daisy and doesn't need to throw a party to get her to his house. He wants to focus on being with Daisy
Tom realizes that Daisy loves Gatsby when he is at the his house with Nick, Jay, Jordan, Daisy and himself. He can feel the passion that Daisy has for Gatsby. Their love is most like the "pink elephant" in the room. It's hard to not notice that Daisy is affectionate for Gatsby.
Myrtle is upset when she sees Tom with Jordan because she believes that Jordan is Tom's wife. She looks at them through a window at the Gas station. Even though Jordan was a friend of Tom she envied her as if she was Tom's wife
Gatsby is surprised to see Daisy's child. He is shocked to find out that it existed. In the text is says how Gatsby kept looking at the child in shock.
Gatsby objects to Tom ride in his car. Gatsby has a sense of pride in all of his lavish materials. He doesn't prefer Tom using something of his which is very expensive. He even tries to throw excuses at Tom, say "I don't think there is much gas." Tom dismisses this and rushes away.
As they are driving to town Tom stops at Wilson's garage. Wilson is very sick and tells Tom that him and Myrtle are thinking of moving west. Tom is about to loose Myrtle and Daisy. This is ironic because Tom never thought that he could lose both of…
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