The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Have you ever noticed something, that at the time did not seem very important, but later turned out to be something of importance? This can be known as a symbol! Symbolism can be found all over the place in the book, The Great Gatsby, and is a huge part of the book’s plot and characters. Some of these symbols are more important to the story than others, but all of them are a piece to the puzzle of the laudable book, The Great Gatsby. These symbols come in many different ways, and the book uses colors to show these important pieces. The book uses many different colors to show symbolism, and each color has its own effect on the plot. Some of these colors are yellow, blue, and green. These three colors or symbols are the three most important symbols the story has to offer. This is because they have the most effect on the story, and they also are brought up more than any other colors. In conclusion, these colors are very important to the story and without them, it wouldn't be as good as it is.
Yellow is the most used color in the book because the book is filled with so many wrong things and not enough good things. Yellow stands for two things that come up a lot in the story; death and corruption. F. Scott Fitzgerald basically based his story of off these two things, so he knew he would use yellow a lot. One of the examples that he uses is the color of Gatsby’s Car. The reason he makes it yellow is too show that it was bought with money that was achieved by wrongdoings. Since
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