The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Gatsby How does reckless driving affect one's outlook on life? and in what way does it affect others? A lot of characters possess the trait of reckless driving in Fitzgerald’s book “The Great Gatsby”. They make mistakes, and do not think about how the outcome will affect them later. Some of them try to run or hide from their mistakes; they let other people fix it for them. Fitzgerald uses reckless driving metaphorically and literally throughout his book. He depicts situations that some of his characters have to face. At Gatsby’s party, Jordan and Nick were in the car getting ready to leave. When Jordan started the car and pulled off, she “passed so close to some workman that [the] fender flicked a button on one man’s coat” (GG.58). Nick tried to tell her to be more careful and that she should be more considerate of other people. Jordan explained that “They’ll keep out of [her] way,” and “It takes two to make an accident” (GG.58). Jordan is careless and only worries about herself. If someone is in her way while she is driving, she will keep going, because she expects them to move out of her way. Daisy is very similar to Jordan but she is a little more careful. Daisy and Gatsby were on the way home, coming home from lunch with Tom, Jordan, and Nick. Daisy was driving because she was nervous about the whole confrontation between Gatsby and Tom. “then this woman rushed out at [them] just as [they] were passing the car the other way” (GG.143). Daisy did not intentionally run
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