The Great Honor Of The Hundred Acre Woods

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From the ancient ceremonies of China to the Hundred Acre Woods, tigers have had iconic roles in cultures around the world. They symbolize strength, energy, and wealth, and to be associated with one – whether through birth signs or personality traits – is a great honor. Their time on Earth, however, may one day come to an end, and they will be reduced to legends and storybook characters unless we do something to help them.
Tigers are beautiful, powerful, and majestic creatures that are being wiped out by humans. If they’re not dying from habitat loss, they’re being hunted for their fur and bones to make fancy clothes and traditional medicines that can be easily replaced with aspirin. We humans act as though our higher intelligence gives us the right to govern the earth as we see fit. If that is true, we need to be fair and just rulers. Mankind has done a disservice to tigers and many of the earth’s inhabitants, and it is our duty as superior beings to right those wrongs.
Tigers are the largest predators in Asia. Their populations are spread across thirteen Asian countries, from the Siberian tundra to the Himalayan foothills to the rainforests of Indonesia. The male Siberian tiger, which is the largest of the subspecies of tigers, can weigh up to 660 pounds. Males of the smallest subspecies, the Sumatran tiger, can weigh about 310 pounds. They have two to three cubs every two years, and have been known to live up to twenty-six years. Other than the relationship a mother has…
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