The Great Human Tumor : Earth 's Human Overpopulation Crisis

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The Great Human Tumor: Earth’s Human Overpopulation Crisis The best-selling novel by “DaVinci Code” author Dan Brown “Inferno” has a plot that is driven by the human overpopulation crisis. Brown depicts a mad scientist that believes he can rid the world of the majority of its health and environmental issues by simply purging the world of two-thirds of its population. But is the assertion brought forth by Brown’s antagonist that far from the truth? When we look at the effects of human overpopulation on food, air quality, water shortages, and other natural resources it’s hard to disagree. As much as we direct the environmental dialogue on fuel emissions and renewable energy, we shift focus from a topic that is mother to all of ecological issues: the earth wasn’t intended to sustain the human population as it is and definitely not as it would be according to most estimates. Although talks of curbing the population through widespread viral pandemic or mass extinction maybe a slightly radical yet efficient approach, a serious discussion on overpopulation and its ecological effects needs to be had in the near future. An article on the state of the world by Wuliam Halal and Michael Marien, titled "Global MegaCrisis: Four Scenarios, Two Perspectives," appeared in The Futurist magazine for May-June 2011. It paints an impending global crisis, a perfect storm resulting from a congruence of the problems afflicting the world today, including climate change, environmental destruction,

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