The Great Immersion : Why I Am A President

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The Great Immersion: Why I Decided to Hop Aboard the Trump Train I had a slight idea of what I was getting myself in to, last fall, when I hopped aboard the Trump Train. To be honest, at first I was rooting for Scott Walker, but his appearance in a debate irritated me to the point that I had to find another vehicle for political representation, but it couldn 't be status quo for me, it just couldn 't be Hillary Clinton so easily; that 's when I decided to hop aboard the Trump Train. Immersing myself into the idea that Donald J. Trump is qualified to be president has been, what I envision my legal studies to be, an exhausting yet rewarding feat, especially as a “#Blacks4Trump” (you 'll have to check it out on Twitter). When I decided to support Donald J. Trump, I went “all in”. I followed him on social media, I signed up for his campaign newsletters, I purchased bumper stickers, I donated to his campaign, I even began to tune into Fox News hosts like Sean Hannity, when I would have never done so in the past. I took a lot of heat from family. I went way out of my comfort zone. I was totally invested! I admire what Donald J. Trump represents-- something exciting and different-- and I am committed to doing whatever I can, however big or small, to see that his campaign see its ROI. Before I decided to support Governor Walker and now Donald J. Trump, I was a blue-dog dem. You couldn 't have paid me to vote republican, but after years of supporting democrats, I made the

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