The Great Impact On The United Kingdom

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The 1930s have been a decade of great changes in the United Kingdom. Three succes-sive National governments left the British People quite lost in terms of leadership, especial-ly in those times of Great Depression. The raising of the taxes and the massive wave of unemployment led the poor to become even poorer but it also saw the expansion of the middle-class among the society. Indeed, this period saw the falling of prices of goods, the reduction of the number of large families, the settling of the reduction of working hours and the outbreak of paid holidays by the Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain which let families in less need. Moreover, the outbreak of household electrical goods such as televisions or vacuum cleaners marked the development of the popular culture and, therefore, of the middle-class . On the other hand, the quantity of poor remained massive among the working class and the rising of the conservative party after the appalling failure of Ramsay MacDonald’s government has made a contribution to it. Those changes stimulated interest from many authors in the postwar literature and the role of class has been crucial in the wri-ting of the period. Between two wars, it was the end of the birth setting your future. Many people didn’t know where they belonged anymore and trying to figure that out was the aim of most authors. Using their experience in their social class of origin or outside of it, they are the best placed to narrate and share their point of
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