The Great Invention of the Airplane

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The airplane is a very normal word today. But it is a new word at least a hundred years. Then I want to talk about airplanes’ history, airplanes’ companies, personal business, global trade, and the benefit for international students and traveling. In my view, those parts are very important about airplanes has changed people’s lives. A lot of people believe that airplanes bring many benefits to our life. I agree with this idea because airplanes are one of the greatest inventions of the twentieth century. So this article will talk about the airplanes. The fly was a big dream for our ancestors when they saw the bird flew. Our ancestors waved their arms like a bird because they want to fly like a bird. But it was unsuccessful. So it was a long history until the Wright brothers invented the airplanes. “The first successful air flight was in a hot air balloon. In 1783, a few men invented the first flying machine by making the hot air balloon. A hot air balloon is a balloon filled with heated air. Since heated air is lighter than cool air, the balloon would rise into the sky. The pilot would ride in a basket attached to the balloon and control the height by adding and subtracting more heat.” (History of airplanes, (n.d.)) So the hot air balloon is the airplanes’ predecessor because it was the first successful air flight. The Wright brothers invented the first airplanes. “During 1890 while Orville and Wilbur Wright were working in a bicycle shop, the Wright Brothers got
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