The Great Ireland Potato Famine Effects Essay

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The Great Ireland Potato Famine Effects

The Great Ireland Potato Famine was a horrible event that had many lasting effects. Some of these effects were starvation, disease, poverty, emigration, and lost traits. These effects plagued mostly western Ireland, but had an overall effect on all of Ireland. Many of the traditional ways of economics and society changed drastically because of the famine. Many people also blamed the British for letting the famine get so bad. These effects will be discussed throughout the paper.

Starvation was one of the main effects of the Great Potato Famine, which was “unlike other subsistence crises” (Crawford, 114). The Irish people were very dependant on potatoes as a source of food. “The majority of
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For this reason, many people died from the diseases. The diseases plagued the crowed towns where the famine was affecting the most, killing off thousands and thousands of people. A doctor in Skibbereen was quoted to saying that “the people are dying- not in twos or threes- but by the dozens; the ordinary forms of decent burial dispensed with” (Kinealy 41).

The many deaths of the Irish and how they were buried remind me of the Holocaust and how those people were buried. The dead Irish people were buried in “famine pits” (Daly 6) where the dead would be buried in “mass graves” (Daly 6). Many of these graves remain unmarked to this day. In some areas, the sea washes ashore some of the bones of those who died in the famine. The Irish people use this as a reminder of the hard times in the past.

Many of the people were left with no jobs during the famine. Their main job was farming potatoes and their main source of income was growing potatoes. Therefore, when the blight came, they had nothing else to turn to and were left with very little money. The fact that the landlords owned practically everything in Ireland made it difficult for the Irish people to invest in other ways to generate income. This left the Irish people no choice but to immigrate out to other countries in hope for jobs.

During the rough years of the famine, many people
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