The Great Journey Of Vasilios Research Paper

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The Great Journey of Vasilios
Vasilios, courageous king and understanding leader hears the pleas of his people and of his own heart. It has been one month since the maritime pirates had come to his place of rule, Kyrenia on the island of Cyprus, and taken what was most loved by the king and by all the kingdom; Callista, Vasilios’s only daughter. This abduction had stemmed from a failed marriage arrangement with the prince of Smyrna, a distant land on the Aegean Sea. Callista was not happy with the arrangement and begged her father to stop the deal and let her stay unmarried. Vasilios listened to his daughter and declined the generous offer from the king of Smyrna. The king of Smyrna was enraged by the refusal. He sent a band of pirates disguised as sea traders to capture Callista and bring her back to Smyrna. The ruse worked and Callista was taken. The kingdom of Kyrenia entered a period of upset at the loss of the beloved princess. Vasilios took action and put together a group of sixty of his best men that he lead on
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He orders the crew to continue on, wanting to explore this mysterious island, wondering if this was a place they took Callista. They walk for hours from the shore, no one exactly sure what they were looking for, or what they expected to find. At last, they reach the mouth of a great valley. Vasilios, leading his crew stops, and as everyone catches up, they behold the mountainous valley. Then they look closer, and there, down in the valley was something no one expected to find. Down in the valley, they discovered gigantic, hairy, beasts. These enormous beasts had long, shaggy hair, and two sharp, protruding tusks. Hundreds of these mammoth beasts were there at the bottom of this valley on the strange, strange island. The crew became so frightened at the sight of these shaggy monsters, they promptly turned around and hurriedly began the long journey back to
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