The Great Lakes And The Forests

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The Great Lakes and the forests in Canada are both in severe states. Deforestation and pollution have caused short and long term effects that not only impact human health, but ecosystems as well. In order to mitigate these issues there needs to be action plans and individuals dedicated, and willing to help. The great lakes are 5 interconnected lakes throughout Canada and the USA, which flood out to the Atlantic Ocean. “Over the last 30 years there has been a decrease in point-source depollution, due to the government’s recognition of the need to regulate emissions into the Great Lakes.” (Jason Boshern., 2010.) Regardless of the increasing lake conditions, there is much that still has to be done to ensure no detrimental long term or short term effect on ecosystems or human health. (Jason Boshern., 2010.) The quality of water in the Great Lakes not only effects the different species living in the lakes, but human health, all over Canada as well. “The five lakes occupy an area greater than half a billion square kilometers, have a shoreline of 17,000 kilometers, and are surrounded by a population of over 33 million.” (Sproule-Jones, Mark., 2002.) With the lakes being so massive there are plenty of different species living in them and people surrounding the lakes, living off the water. These factors make poor water quality an even bigger issue. Pollution can be seen in many forms; such as fecal contamination, toxic contamination from metals, nitrates and pesticides,
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