The Great Leaders Have Used The Power Of Architecture

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Throughout history, great leaders have used the power of architecture to convey the fundamental ideas that formed the base of their societies. Immense amounts of money, power and time have been poured into monumental buildings over the centuries; testament to the importance humanity places on grand symbols. Classical architecture is some of the most timeless and long lasting architecture the world has ever seen. It has been the inspiration of thousands of buildings, long after the original creators and civilizations passed..The practice of using classical architecture to reference the values that classical architects used their buildings to represent several hundreds of years before was first practiced by leaders such as the monarchy of Great Britain. At the height of their empire they borrowed symbols from the emperors of ancient Rome; symbols to represent the glory of an Imperial hand stretching over a collection of colonies. A contrasting example is Thomas Jefferson, an aspiring architect who not only designed buildings for the new America, but the American democracy with it. His architecture was representative of a collection of intellectual individuals working together to create a just system of government. The classical buildings that symbolize these styles of architecture, linked by the similar architectural features, are the Maison Carrée, Pantheon and the Parthenon. Features that make the Maison Carrée distinctive include a deep portico, a hexastyle design on
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