The Great Leaders in China

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Genghis Khan, first known as Temujin, was the son of a leader of a Mongolian tribe. He was brought up in a time of warring tribes and factions. Genghis Khan was a fierce and brilliant military commander, who achieved unprecedented success in setting Ghengis Khanup an Empire which stretched across Europe and Asia. His Mongol armies left a trail of fear, death and destruction. But, he also created a vibrant empire with a common language, booming trade, tolerance of religion and some basic customs and laws( Pettinger., 2010). Arguably the most famous Asian of the last 2,000 years, Genghis Khan created an empire that was more than twice the size of any other conqueror's in history, and that endured for more than a century and a half after…show more content…
Instil a level of discipline within your organization such that you will do so much better in whatever your industry is in. Really, no management technique or framework can replace the power of simple discipline. “At no single, crucial moment in his life did he suddenly acquire his genius at warfare, his ability to inspire the loyalty of his followers, or his unprecedented skill for organizing on a global scale. These derived not from epiphanic enlightenment or formal schooling but from a persistent cycle of pragmatic learning, experimental adaptation and constant revision driven by his uniquely disciplined mind and focused will(Ryan, 2012).” When battling the nomadic tribes of Mongolia, Khan would prepare several military tactics and traps before that before facing off with his enemy. He was extremely meticulous and planned his attacks very carefully. As a result, he managed to defeated several other factions, and eventually even the great city of Beijing. Similarly, whatever business, project or game you enter into; you should always do prior preparation mentally as well as tactically. By being prepared and ensuring that your men are prepared, you prepare yourself for victory.The saying goes, Good luck is when preparation meets opportunity. When everyone in the organization is prepared, they give themselves favorable. If you ever wonder why we’re in a crisis of leadership all you have to do is to watch and listen to those in positions of

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