The Great Lewis And Clark Expedition

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Haolun Xu
Mrs. Skinner
English 1106
11 May 2015
The Great Lewis and Clark Expedition I never learnt anything about the U.S. history before I came to a high school in Boston. The stories about Native Americans and exploration of west had always attracted me because nothing like that ever happened in the Chinese history. And this is the reason why I am going to do the Lewis and Clark Expedition. They were just so brave to explore a land that the Americans knew nothing about. Not only their spirit, the journals they kept and the maps they made were also precious gifts for the explorers after them. Lewis and Clark’s Corps of Discovery took place from 1803 to 1806, which are the years during the presidency of Thomas Jefferson. They described …show more content…

Ledyard decided to travel across Siberia to the western coast of North America. Even though this was not a very good plan for exploring the West, it was still better than nothing. However, during his journey, the Russians thought Ledyard was up to something in their country so they captured him and expelled him from Siberia. This exploration did not succeed. Ledyard gave up but Jefferson never gave up his dream on exploring the West. In 1792 Jefferson became the secretary of states. He tried to draw Dr. Moses, a Philadelphia physician and botanist into his project of exploring the West. Jefferson wanted the exploration so bad that he offered Dr. Moses a big amount of gold if Dr. Moses could lead the exploration. Just like before, this plan never came reality. In 1793, Jefferson sponsored Andre Michaux, a French botanist to travel to the Pacific Ocean. However, due to the bad relationship between the United States and Spain government, which claimed jurisdiction over Louisiana, Michaux never crossed Mississippi, which is border on the east side of Louisiana. Jefferson made no major attempts about the exploring until he became the third president of United States in 1801. As the president, Jefferson had much more resources and more finance support to achieve his dream about exploring the West. In his position, he also realized that the exploring became more and more necessary

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