The Great Literary Works : I Am Never Alone

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All great literature has at least four things in common; they talk to you, they never shy away from making you uncomfortable, and they provide ingenious, if not absurd perspectives on the usually simple, mundane lives of the characters. All this, and they have universal appeal across time and culture. First, all great literary works have the ability to make me feel as if I am never alone. It’s never as though I’m reading about the characters, but the author’s writing style has the ability to affect me personally, as if I am also experiencing the events happening in the novel. Some authors typically tend to exclude gut-wrenching emotions for fear that their readers won’t enjoy their novels. But, in great works, the author has no problem letting me experience the raw emotion they wish to portray, but at the same time, I love reading every bit of it. And finally, great literature has the power to write about ordinary lives that have a basic but profound nature to them. In these works, nearly every event is significant and can provide an astounding point of view and change in perspective. My definition of great literature the effectiveness of a balance of all the above listed qualities. I believe, from the perspective of someone who has had their fair share of reading books, there is a difference between great literary works and ‘trashy’ novels that become fads. But, maybe from the perspective of someone who hasn’t read a whole lot of books in their lifetime, there might not be
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