The Great Man Is A Great Woman

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There is a saying that goes “Behind a great man is a great women”. Maybe there was a great woman behind Abraham Lincoln who told him what decisions to take. Someone who was there to support his actions and give him feedback. Mary Todd Lincoln wasn’t always a Lincoln, her maiden name was Mary Ann Todd otherwise known as “Molly”. She was born in Lexington, Kentucky in the date of December 13, 1818. Mary’s hometown: Lexington was surprisingly founded by her family. She was the daughter of Robert Smith Todd and Elizabeth Ann Todd. She had two brothers and two sisters. She was born into a wealthy family who didn’t have to suffer and gave her the basic resources she needed growing up (Mary Ann Lincoln (Todd), Although, at the age of six, her mother Elizabeth passed away and afterwards her father decided that it was time to re-marry. Other than this, her infancy was pretty set up to a good start, because she had a good educational career. She even had a private education throughout her life and attended the Aristocracy of Lexington (Mary Todd Lincoln, As a child, Mary was always lively and impulsive with the way she acted and the decisions she made. Even her parents and friends recognized this. Still, when she grew up, she kept her personality the same and this brought both fortune and misfortune. While still in her educational steps, she overachieved in arts and also in cultural studies. As a result, she gained a genuine interest in politics.

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