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The Great Masonic Nation, USA Freemasonry The freemasonry defines itself as a discrete symbolic and nonreligious philosophical and philanthropic initiatory institution, founded on a sense of brotherhood. Its objective is the search for truth and promote the social and moral development of human beings, in addition to social progress. Masons are organized into structures called base lodges, which in turn can be grouped into a higher-level organization usually called "Grand Lodge", "Great Eastern" or "Grand Priory". Freemasonry explains itself as a superb structure of morality, covert in allegory and demonstrated by symbols. The symbolism is primarily, but not entirely, strained from the manual tools of stonemasons - the square and…show more content…
A lodge of age will have a smaller number, only the new one will have more. Presence of Freemasonry in the United States of America The first known freemason in U.S. history was John Skene. He had joined the Lodge No.1 Aberdeen, Scotland, on 1682. Later that year he immigrated to America, settling in Burlington, New Jersey, which would become lieutenant governor on 1685 until his death in 1690. The first American-born Mason was Jonathan Belcher, a native of Boston, born on January 8th, 1681. During a stay in London, Belcher joined a Masonic Lodge (1704). He was colonial governor of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Over time, other Masons immigrated to America, specifically Massachusetts and Pennsylvania in 1730 and possessed Masonic lodges. Henry Price is occasionally called the "father of American Masonry". In 1697 he was born in London, and immigrated to America in 1723. Visiting London in 1730, he was inducted into the lodge n º 75 that met in the Cafe del Arco Iris (Rainbow Coffee House) and on April, 1733, was appointed by English Grand Lodge Provincial Grand Master of New England, authority that the following year will be extended to all of North America. He died on May, 1780. On September 23rd, 1743, Thomas Oxnard was named Grand Master of North America by Lord Ward, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of England. Oxnard became a member of the Boston Lodge 1 on January

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