The Great Mayan City Of Tikal

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The world has been made unforgettable with the creation of photography.
As mankind rapidly evolved recording events became harder. Early history is only able to be pictured with using our imagination. Often times historians often clash about what the world looked like. Ancient civilizations from the Mayans and Aztecs have never been seen while they were in their pristine condition. The world is left with written descriptions and ruins not only of the cities themselves, but also the tools used. After the camera was invented in the early 1800s, events were more frequently recorded and it was clear what tools and cities looked like before modern-day. Photography has undoubtedly altered how we document events, created new job openings, and will give generations to come amazing art and show defining moments from each generation. Photography has helped evolve the world by creating new jobs and revolutionizing how events are documented.
Before photography, capturing moments and keeping them alive was through word of mouth, or written on paper. The great Mayan City of Tikal was finally constructed by 600 A.D. Tikal was said to have had immense sports arenas, multiple hospitals, schools, and libraries. When the Spaniards came around 1000 A.D., the Maya had vanished, leaving the ruins of their city behind. The Spaniards documented what was seen, but some notes were unclear or lost (Maya). After the camera had been invented in 1826 by Joseph Niepce, people were skeptical if it would
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