The Great Melting Pot Essay

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There is a nation of individuals who have the great privilege of living in the United States of America. Though, even in its greatness, America has its flaws. As would any other country, no body of people can attain perfection, because perfectionistic standards are simply unrealistic. Often times, the U.S. has been referred to as the ‘great melting pot’. The American culture has grown into a blend of many different ethnicities, lifestyles and beliefs. While this is something to be celebrated, what should be an opportunity for equal representation and distribution of cultures is instead a tendency to rely heavily upon and project a particular agenda (and a powerful one at that). There is not only a racial divide in this country, but the unjustified issue of sexism. While sexism in context applies to both genders, the bulk of the problem leans heavily towards the male treatment of females. In nearly every corner of society, the past and present America has been a society dominated by men.
The Feminists are a select few of many individuals that have stepped forward to re-address the unfair imbalance. Though, just as any other opposition that dares to speak out in contempt against a higher power, their attempts have been labeled as being nothing short of ridiculous. To counteract their activity, this male established position of power has labeled Feminists as incompetent and clearly insane— which only gives more justification as to why sexism is alive and thriving. The
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