The Great Migration Through Different Mediums And Times Essay

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The Great Migration Through Different Mediums and Times For African-Americans, the Great Migration of the early nineteen hundreds not only changed their demographic distribution in the United States, but also their culture and identity. When many poor field hands left the South, the culture they brought with them clashed with their new Northern neighbors. Since then, artists have depicted this inner and outer struggle through a variety of mediums while reflecting the attitudes of African Americans of their time. August Wilson published his play Joe Turner’s Come and Gone in 1984, a drama about the journey of several poor African-American travelers headed North to find work. Jacob Lawrence released his series of paintings titled Migration of the Negro in 1941, a series of sixty paintings that depicts the Great Migration. A major difference between Wilson’s play and Lawrence’s series is the depiction of the individual. In Joe Turner’s Come and Gone, as in any other play or drama, characters are complex and identifiable individuals. They have goals, traits, personalities, and physical characteristics that set them apart from each other. Although they might speak similarly, the content of their speech and the way they look and carry themselves on stage give them depth as a character. It is necessary for a play, however, to have easily recognizable characters so as to not confuse the audience. Lawrence, on the other hand, gives every African-American in his paintings the same

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