The Great Moai Statues Of Easter Island

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Similarities and differences are what make things so interesting. Would you be happy if everyone was the same. Every looked the same, and liked the same things and hated the same things. No you wouldn’t because you would want to be you and no one can tell you what you want to be or what you don’t want to be. Even the buildings you make would be the same from a normal house to a normal office building. The “Panama Canal” was one of the most useful canals ever built and they were made to for one reason and that was to transport goods. This was somethings everyone needed to solve at that time(1900s). The great Moai statues of Easter Island are also great structures and are really tremendous to the eye. These buildings and canals were made to one purpose they had to do somethings and that something was to make things easier for the people. Some similarities they had were that they both took a long time and sacrifice to build. A difference they had was that they were built for different purposes and they had their own different struggles.

Predominantly, “The Panama Canal” was one of the greatest structures built by mankind. The “Moai” as well were something to be fascinated by because they were beautiful creations made by us. The one thing they both have in common was that they both took a long time to build. The Moai took approximately about 10-15 years to build and that was with the help of mana which was part of the belief and if that wouldn’t of existed it probably

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