The Great Mosque Of Cordoba

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The Mishrab of The Great Mosque of Cordoba Assignment Two The Great Mosque of Cordoba [named in español Mezquita – Catedral de Córdoba] is a complex site of extraordinarily rich history and key development in Muslim architecture in a Western empire. Built in the Spanish capitals of the Umayyad, it is one of the oldest structures from the times of Muslim rule over Iberia in the 8th century, the Great Mosque of Cordoba is a heritage site having lived through tremendous successions of change, development and expansions surviving through ages of conflict in religious, political and military events. The mosque can be interpreted as a fruit of the works of Umayyad and Byzantine artisans, and with close reading of the décor and art executed in the focal point of the mihrab and associated symbolism. This essay will focus on the analysis of the work on the mihrab (an expansion made in an expansion by al-Hakam II after the second set of additions in corresponding relation to the surrounding key elements that lead to the focal point, especially the hypostyle space, the maqsura and the cupola, as well as overall planning as a whole. There are various architectural elements incorporated in the mosque and this essay will bring forth from my readings, research in support for discussion in ways in which the specially developed architectural technology and language communicate the dialogue of the Islamic religion, and the significance of these elements creating a uniquely immersive
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