The Great Philosophers Like Aristotle And Plato

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Samantha Dominguez Philosophy is a very interesting yet challenging topic of discussion and method of thinking. Most people have never been challenged with the way they think about things. I believe among the great philosophers like Aristotle and Plato, Nagel really brings out some pretty interesting topics that really help your mind think. With the chapters we had to read up on, Nagel challenges us on the topics of us really knowing what reality is, free will, and the meaning of life. Everybody has their way of thinking and their environment, their upbringing have a lot to do with their mentality so when people are shown different other mindsets such as Nagel’s and the many other philosophers people feel that maybe the philosophers have been right the entire time and their life has been a lie. As I read through these chapters I compared them to myself and took them as a little challenge of my own. People should stand for their beliefs and mindsets but they should never be close minded to the beliefs and mindsets of others. It is good to think outside of the box and a lot of people do which is pretty amazing but those who can think outside of the box and have a religious view I end to commemorate more. Nagel makes some very correct points and some very, in my eyes wrong points. What is Really Going On? Nagel talks about some pretty convincing points in chapter two. Like life, we just go with the flow, many of us do not know the truths about anything. What I mean by us
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