The Great Playwright 's Life Story

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Before the relatively short life of Lorraine Hansberry tragically ended, the African-American playwright distinguished herself in American theatre and literature as she creatively and unknowingly challenged the views of African-American life, among other inescapable issues of the nation and the world, on the theatrical stage. The great playwright’s life story began on May 19, 1930. Although born during a time of hardship introduced by the Great Depression, Hansberry grew up rather comfortably in a middle-class African-American family from the Southside of Chicago (“Lorraine”). Her father, Carl Augustus Hansberry, not only established Lake Street Bank, one of the first Chicago banks to solicit black patronage, but also established himself as a successful real-estate businessman (Jacobus, “Lorraine” 1223). Despite the middle-class status, the family experienced racial tension, especially when the family bought and moved into a home in a racially restricted covenant—which later resulted in the Hansberry vs. Lee U.S. Supreme Court case that influenced Hansberry’s writing (“Lorraine”). After graduating Englewood High School in Chicago in 1948, Lorraine Hansberry left for college to pursue her interest in visual art (“Lorraine”). She attended the University of Wisconsin, the Art Institute of Chicago, and “numerous other schools before moving to New York” in 1950 (Jacobus, “Lorraine” 1223). Once in New York, Hansberry ditched visual art and found interest in theatre, which led her
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