The Great Poems By Edwin Arlington Robinson And Richard Cory

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For many centuries now poetry has always been an important part of the English language. From the old poets such as Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe and Emily Dickson to the many newly discovered poetry. Poetry has become an art that has become so diverse; that poets, even though they spend their entire life studying it, still have a lot to learn from it. Some poets even continue to learn from it till their last days. Although there are many different types of poetry I will focus on one of the many great poems written in 1897 by Edwin Arlington Robinson; “Richard Cory”. This short sixteen lined story tells us a lot about the human irony that constantly surrounds us, the power of being admired and envied at the same time. Richard Cory is a wealthy man who at the same time was admired and envied by those surrounding him. He had it all, the money, the power, and the people bowing down at his feet; however, -Spoiler Alert- by the end of the poem he unexpectedly commits suicide because of the pressure of always being so perfect; showing us that not everything is what it seems to be.
The fact that Cory commits suicide, just so happens to be the most captivating part of this poem; why did Richard Cory shot himself when he had everything anyone could ever ask for? Through their own mental prejudices and amplifications of reality, the people, by putting Cory on a high pedestal also create a barrier that later pushed Richard to commit suicide. Even though Richard Cory was perceived to be
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